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Born in 1991, su güzey started studying in Management of Performing Arts Department Performing Arts branch in Bilgi University in 2009. In 2011, they entered MSGSÜ State Conservatory Contemporary Dance Department, from which su graduated in 2015. In fall term of 2014-2015 study year, they went to study in Konservatorium Wien Privatuniversitat in Vienna, with Erasmus+ program.

In 2020, su got accepted to the Fulbright Scholarship program for her MFA in Dance and graduated in 2023 from University of the Arts Philadelphia. 

In January 2022, they became and Adjunct Assistant Professor at UArts Philadelphia School of Dance, teaching Embodied Yoga Anatomy, Yoga, and advising in Senior Thesis Works classes, and working as a Production Assistant for the undergrad program. 


su started teaching dance to elementary children after her graduation in 2015, and is still a certified teacher working both with kindergarten and elementary children. they also teach contemporary dance technique to adults and professional dancers, give Performance Project workshops to all who are interested in composing movement and Movement Analysis workshops to dancers, dance students, workshop and technique class attendees of any level.

Su has worked with Aakash Odedra Company as a freelance dancer since 2015 in research projects, and the piece '#Je Suis' created in this process by Aakash Odedra Company has been on tour. The piece had its world premiere in NYU Abu Dhabi in January '18 and its Europe premiere in Birmingham Hippodrome; performed in Sadler's Wells, London, and had its UK and Germany tour, with more than 50 performances in total.

su performed in pieces of many choreographers such as Jerome Bel, Helder Seabra, La Fura Dels Baus, Ann Van den Broek, Aakash Odedra, Anton Lachky, Korhan Başaran, Jesus de Vega Gomez, Slobodan Dan Paich, Esther Balfe,Aydın Teker, Willi Dorner, Mustafa Kaplan, Isaac Chong Wai.


they presented their choreography “Store My DNA, So They Can Regenerate My Soul” in İKSV 19th İstanbul Theatre Festival in 2014.

Their collaboration with Evrim Akyay as co-creators started in April 2019, with their first performance piece 'kitty kitty', sponsored by Akbank Sanat for the creation process. 'kitty kitty' made its Turkey premiere in 23rd IKSV Istanbul Theatre Festival in December '19 and got accepted to Zaratan Artist in Residence in Lisbon, PR, and performed in Lisbon with collaboration with Zaratan and Largo Residencies.


'kitty kitty' is now accepted to Aerowaves Twenty21 Choreographers for 2020-2021 season.


Their second piece 'rattling' premiered in A Corner in the World Festival in SALT Beyoğlu, May 2019, and got accepted to Tanzwerkstatt Europa Festival in June '20. In '21, the piece got accepted to the artist residency at Neimenster, Luxembourg, then to be performed in Aerowaves Dance Festival Luxembourg in August same year. 


Their next piece, created in residency in Lisbon, 'small talk' premiered in Zaratan, Lisbon. 


su created and organised Visibility in Art Festival with two other co-creators in 2014 , first year in collaboration with Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University; the festival started in İstanbul and now is happening in İzmir in collaboration with budalasultan collective.

su keeps on creating in versatile disciplines; performance creations and workshops, music video choreographies to costume designs, light design and installations, object design and music compositions, documentary projects and short videos. su cherishes the inter/multi disciplinary approach to keep on re-discovering, asking and searching in/within/through/towards wonder, creating and re-finding her perspective and language in movement, listening, sensing. 

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Aakash Odedra Company

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