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May '22 'kitty kitty' performed in Port of Dance Festival, Rijeka Croatia


January '22 Adjunct Assistant Professor @ University of the Arts Philadelphia

                         Embodied Anatomy Yoga, Yoga, Senior Thesis Works 

August '21 'rattling' got accepted to the artist residency @ Neimenster Luxembourg

                         then to be performed in Aerowaves Dance Festival Luxembourg


August '21  'Leaderless' by Isaac Chong Wai, performed at Kuenstlerhausbethanien, Berlin, under Studio Bosphorus Festival

June '21 MFA Dance in University of the Arts Philadelphia, USA

May '21 'Veda' Video performance & choreography, for AkbankSanat's 'Dans Hep Var' project

January '21 'Leaderless' , installation and performance by Isaac Chong Wai, commissioned by Kultur Akademie Tarabya and Zilberman Gallery

December '20 Online Movement Practices workshops, ongoing

December '20 Fulbright Scholarship Program Grantee

December '20 'Dansçı Okumaları' podcast by Yeşim Coşkun, episode 15

October '20- May "21 Contemporary Dance Technique Workshops @ dansorium, Istanbul

                                           Contemporary Dance Technique Workshops @ RU Sahne Sanatlari, Istanbul


October '20 'kitty kitty' got accepted to Aerowaves Twenty21 Choreographers

                     Performance Project workshop with Işıl Derya Bıçakçı,

            Open door Contemporary Technique Classes

September '20  performed music video 'Toy' by Mabel Matiz

July '20 choreographed music video 'Mosaick' by Mustafa Khetty

June '20 performed in İş Bankası commercial


May'20 invited and performed in Co-Solo Project by

March '20  music video 'Olmazların Kızları' by Burcu Tatlıses

                   music video 'Hayvaaağ1n' by Hayko Cepkin

22nd, 23rd February '20 'Movement Analysis' workshop in ÇATI, TR

18th,19th January '20  Contemporary Dance Technique workshop in ÇATI, TR

21st,30th December '19 'small talk' by Su Güzey and Evrim Akyay, performed in Zaratan, Lisbon, PR

25th December '19 'kitty kitty' by Su Güzey and Evrim Akyay, @ Largo Residencias, Lisbon, PR

1st December  'kitty kitty' by Su Güzey and Evrim Akyay, @ 23rd IKSV Istanbul Theatre Festival, TR

December '19 accepted to Zaratan Artist in Residence and created a new performance piece with Evrim Akyay

October- November '19 on tour '#Je Suis' by Aakash Odedra Company,UK

19th- 20th October ’19 performance, Theater der Stadt Schweinfurt, GR

21st- 22nd October ’19 performance, Stadttheater Amberg, GR

23rd October ’19 performance, Burghof Lörrach, SW

24th October ’19 performance, Stadttheater Schaffhausen, SW

27th October ’19 performance, Orienhalle Offenburg, GR

30th October ’19 performance, Forum Leverkusen, GR

31st October ’19 performance, Theater an der Wilhelmshöhe Lingen, GR

1st November ’19 performance, Scharoun Theater Wolfsburg, GR

2nd November ’19 performance, Lessingtheater Wolfenbüttel, GR

5th-11th November ’19 performance, Stadttheater Fürth, GR

10th November ’19 performance,Theater am Ring Villigen-Schwenningen,GR

15th November ’19 performance, Theatro Ferrari Camposampiero, Padua, IT

May '19 on tour '#Je Suis' by Aakash Odedra Company,UK

9th May ’19 performance, Leicester, UK

13th May ’19 performance, Milton Keynes, UK

15th May ’19 performance,  ‘The Junction’ Cambridge, UK

18th May ’19 performance, Plymouth, UK

21st May ’19 performance, University of Kent Canterbury, UK

11th and 26th April '19 ''kedi kedi/kitty kitty'' by Su Güzey and Evrim Akyay,  @ Akbank Sanat, TR

1st April '19 ''disLokasyon'' by Gizem Bilgen,  @ Moda Sahnesi, TR

19th March '19 ''disLokasyon'' by Gizem Bilgen,  @ ENKA Kültür Sanat Buluşmaları, ENKA Okulları, TR

22nd - 23rd February '19 ''disLokasyon'' by Gizem Bilgen,  @ Akbank Sanat, TR

30th – 31st January ’19 ''Untitled 2'' by Company RAu, @ Akbank Sanat, TR

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