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excerpt from premiere at Cannonball Festival,

Philadelphia Fringe '23


rattling is an interdisciplinary exhibition and research performance 


Wandering, discovering, moving , getting lost : su guzey

su is the asking

as is the riddle

Composer: Jack Sterling*


By continuously re-positioning oneself in relation, how can we move towards new ethical ways of negotiating place and energy ?                                

rattling performed at Miniball Festival by Cannonball ay FringeArts Philadelphia, March '24.

Photography by Vaughn Cummings 

 An offer for exile; fields of transit, thresholds of potentialities for transformation/transmission by integrating forms of movement and reflective practices, errantry as the in between, errantry as the trans-.

excerpt from premiere at Cannonball Festival,

Philadelphia Fringe '23

Since I 'decided' to defect and migrate to the United States in 2021, this research has served as an axis point while navigating all of the whirling space in-between. A horizon out of sight, a threshold obstructed. As an immigrant, my constant dynamic is displacement, a body in exile. The interest in expressing my journey and relating to others in my position as taking this practice towards a multifaceted approach which aims to visualize the desire to find comfort in motion, initiates from the perspective that ‘home’ can be realized within events and relationships, not just the physically occupied space; hoping that this realization can offer a field of agency for the mover who is displaced, exiled, reoriented, and give them back the option of decision in the most uncertain times.

If we can acknowledge that everything is in motion; can this metaphysical view offer a political strategy for self preservation and agency?

When the ground is rattling, how can you not move?

A movement practice (Movement as a reflection of continuous re/de-forming process of life- living, a transmission of becoming…) of reconsidering structures that hold habitual patterns of thinking, moving, being moved; of building, receiving and responding.

excerpt from premiere at Cannonball Festival,

Philadelphia Fringe '23

Thanks to the amazing people who made this piece happen..

Richie Devon, Micaela McCabe, and John Charlton for always being there thinking alongside me, and now bonded for life;

Jack for the incredible world you created, proximal, merging, in flux and conversation, and always knowing me better than myself;

Emily Wexler, Paul Matteson and HeJin Jang as my amazing mentors who guided me, so close to my center almost under my skin, wandering within my sensoria.

UArts MFA Faculty and my colleagues - classmates - partners for your support and love;



Thank you everyone for reminding me it is not that lonely in errantry.

Errant can still have roots that thyself carries.

'the dispossessed' video series No 1 excerpt

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