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tzim tzum 

'tzim tzum/ encounter with the first' is a work in progress performance piece, created for Co-Solo Project by in May 2020. The research idea of space; space as an initiation, as a source, as the 'womb' or 'the first God' as it is written in many religious texts referring to the concept that it is space which is the 'one and only, the constant'. I wanted to search on the chronology of existence and the relations; space with light, and ultimately the subject itself. The performance in is a compilation of research improvisations and ideas. The usage of different sources of light and relationing with space via light is crucial in the structure, but with the body and embodiment of the relations and existence. 'tzim tzum/encounter with the first' is ongoing in creation, and will be premiered in June 2021.

''Co-Solo Project , space and its relationship with art is placed at the center, while the today and the future of this relationship is discussed. Every Wednesday and Friday we will be hosting artists from performing arts discipline during May 2020.The 60 minute performances will be broadcasted from our studio PS02 and from the artists' homes, livestreamed from our Instagram, Facebook and Youtube channels.''    

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