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configuring animal productions 

                                                           in collaboration with many wanderers,

                                                                                                                              traveling within transdisciplinary waters,

in armageddon times....

su rattling selects-1_edited.jpg

su guzey

su guzey is an artist and teacher from Istanbul, currently living in Philadelphia. They are interested in working within/through mediums from performing arts to dance theater, lighting design to sound compositions, visual arts to installations, and teaching as facilitating a space of assembly, connection, conversation, listening and sovereignty. Su's artistic research is initiated from their own experience of transmigration, fluctuating phenomenologies of relation and space, and practicing a practice for sovereignty in ‘errantry.’ How to acknowledge that we are constantly in motion, in relation, and changing space and how to, as a transmigrant, find ways of negotiation of habitance.

director, producer, choreographer, lighting designer

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